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As well as the choice of frame being very important, we can help you select the most suitable spectacle lenses for your prescription.

Technology is always advancing and lenses can be made thinner and lighter than ever before, allowing us to create a much better cosmetic appearance for our customers with higher prescriptions.

Spectacle Lens Options

Thinner Lenses

The latest Thinlens™ technology combined with correct, well fitting frames can make your glasses look and feel great, even for those with higher prescriptions.

Reflection Free Lenses

While improving the overall appearance of your glasses, these help reduce glare from office lights and car headlights, giving you the sharpest vision.

Light Sensitive Lenses

These change in the sunlight and help protect the eyes from glare and the damaging effects of UV light.

Varifocal Lenses

The most natural way to correct presbyopia* are our varifocals lenses, and most people are genuinely surprised at how easy it is to get used to them. With no visible line on the lens, these allow clear vision for distant objects, arms length or intermediate vision, as well as for close up viewing. Varifocals from Reid Mackellar allow the most natural vision whatever distance you want to see.

We give you advice on the correct frame choice and take accurate measurements to fit your lenses. All this makes our Panoramic™ Varifocals really easy to adapt to. It is also the reason why there is a no quibble, 30 day money back guarantee with all our Panoramic™ Varifocals.

Bifocal Lenses

The more traditional way of correcting presbyopia* are bifocal lenses, which have a distinct dividing line on the lens. These are also good for specific occupations depending on your visual needs.

Tinted Lenses

Protecting your eyes from harmful UV light is a great benefit of our tinted lenses.

Polarised Lenses

Ideal for water sports and driving, these special lenses block out reflected light and provide better visual comfort in sunlight.

* Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus, making it difficult to see objects up close.

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It has been a pleasure being a customer of your family firm since the 1960's. I have always found the staff to be very helpful and professional.

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