Prescription lenses

Giving you choice is at the heart of our service. As well as frame selection being very important, choosing the most suitable spectacle lenses is essential too.

With a full range of lenses available, from single vision lenses, bifocals or varifocals and the added options of anti-glare coatings or tints, we can tailor each set of lenses to best suit your prescription. Even if you have a strong prescription, the latest technology allows you to have thinner lenses than you think. You can get the look, whilst caring for your eyes.

Our eye care professionals are really friendly and knowledgeable and are here to advise and guide you. We understand that by genuinely listening to your needs we can help you to select the correct lenses for your prescription, resulting in better vision and great looking glasses.

What's more, we hand craft lenses into frames in our on-site laboratory, providing you with glasses finished to the highest standard.

"Faultless service, I couldn't recommend Reid Mackellar strongly enough."
Iain Abernethy, Gourock

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